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Asya Gorovits Photographer_Headshot.jpg

Photo by Emma Cleary

"Art can be breathtaking, inspiring, unexpected. Sometimes it makes you question everything you know and sometimes it confirms your gut feeling. Encountering the arts can be a transformative experience and I hope that some of the electricity will transfer through my lens onto the photograph."

from the artistic statement of Asya Gorovits

Asya Gorovits is a New York based photographer whose work is focused on live performance and both public and corporate events.  


Asya studied film and photography in Saint Petersburg, Russia and received a Masters Degree in Arts Criticism.


Her background in art history makes Asya knowledgeable about her subject. Her keen eye for balancing the composition, sculpting light and capturing the perfect moment dictate Asya’s artistic style.


Clients have included: The Rubin Museum of Art, frog design, Center For Performance Research, Kargo, Cronus Partners, TURRI NYC and Plush Marketing Agency.


Asya has worked as a sill photographer on over a dozen of film sets. Her photos have appeared in The Washington Times, Meniscus Magazine, Spiral, and  Backstage.  

When not photographing, Asya writes about theatre, VR and Interactive Art for and You can see her latest reviews on 

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